Society of Work


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this coworking thing really as beneficial as you say?

Yeah, for sure.

Can I bring my clients/customers into Society of Work?

Absolutely. Having a professional place to hold meetings is one of the biggest advantages of being a member at Society of Work. Our conference room has a projector, screen, dry erase board, and unlimited coffee. The conference room can accommodate at least 8 people. For more information or to book the conference room, give us a shout.

Where do I park?

Society of Work is located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. You can easily access SOW by car, public transportation, or bike. You need a parking spot? We’ll work with Republic Parking to help secure the best location for you.

So, what about bikes?

We have plenty of room for bikes—whether it’s the bike racks downstairs, our vestibule, or in the workspace. We welcome bike commuters!

What if I need to take a phone call?

You’ll find that plenty of people chat on their phones. If you need to have a private conversation, you can jump in the conference room or schedule the conference room longer for calls. Of course, we ask that everyone respect the fact that SOW is a shared workspace.

Do you have events for members?

All the time. Everything from monthly Brown Bag Lunches on various topics to a bi-monthly (every other month) Drink + Draw to various meetups. You’ll also find the occasional impromptu happy hour to celebrate the end of the day. And, we’re working on new events all the time. You can check out all our upcoming events on our calendar.

Do you have a printer or scanner?

We do, and it’s for everyone to use. It’ll take care of your basic needs including scanning, printing, copying, stapling, folding, collating, and more.

Can I bring my own food?

Everyone’s gotta eat, so feel free to bring your lunch (just make sure it doesn’t become a science experiment in the refrigerator). We also have a microwave and toaster oven. We provide all things necessary for really good coffee- from the beans to the grinder.

Is my stuff safe at Society of Work?

Definitely. We control access to the space 24/7. Only members and their guests are allowed in Society of Work. Our community is built on trust and our coworkers do a great job of looking out for each other.

No, really, is Society of Work as cool as you say it is?

Seriously, yes. What are you waiting for? Join us!